“Shona certainly is leaving lots of friends and a legacy regarding the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema. She has been an inspiration to us all. She was always professional, never looked flustered and never without a smile on her face.”

Madelene Hunt, Chair, Bo’ness Community Council


My experience as a Personal Assistant, Producer and Project Manager in both commercial and cultural sectors gives me a successful track record of managing projects, workloads and people at all levels. From supporting the senior management team of the National Library of Scotland, through to planning and delivering major Scotland-wide live cinema tours. I take a partnership approach to creative projects and have gained respect for this expertise developing a wide network of contacts and communities with whom I love working.

 “Shona’s careful attention to making our limited budget work resulted in the project coming in on time and on budget. Throughout the project she demonstrated flexibility underpinned by a quiet determination.”

Isobel Leckie, Secretary, The Causey Development Trust


I believe in sharing stories in communal spaces – in cinemas, museums, community centres, even across networks of people and groups. My passion is connecting audiences with artists and their work through place, heritage and community and through shared knowledge. To me, one of the best sounds is an audience chatting to each other about the local people and places they recognise on the big screen.

A Kind of Seeing is a banner I use to communicate what I do. It’s a respectful nod to the film A KIND OF SEEING, made in 1967 by Scottish documentary filmmaker Edward McConnell who was given the simple brief to make a film “about the colours of Scotland”. Eddie’s film is defiantly free from creative restrictions and offers a fresh, sometimes provocative, view on a familiar world. That inspiration to celebrate what we know, then go beyond expectation to encourage discussion in the room (and outside it) is an important part of my work.

“Wonderful presentation. You’re not only providing a remarkably entertaining programme, but also a great educational and social experience. I think it’s been a fabulous initiative and hope you will run something similar in the future.”

Mark Littlewood, Filmmaker, whose film I screened in St Andrews as part of Made in My Toun


If you’re interested in hearing more details about A Kind of Seeing projects, discussing an idea or fee proposal, contact me here.